The latest project of “Tokyo Mew Mew”, TV anime “Tokyo Mew Mew New” is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022. The teaser visual and main staff information of the program have been released.

“Tokyo Mew Mew New” is based on the “Tokyo Mew Mew” that has more than 1.45 million copies in circulation, and it is a complete new anime that was announced as part of the 65th anniversary of Kodansha “Nakayoshi”.
The average girl Momomiya Ichigo was able to go on a date with her admirer and the school idol, Aoyama Masaya. However, on the promised day, she got surrounded by a bright light suddenly and saw a dream about a cat entering her body.
Since then, Ichigo has cat ears and a tail, and somehow even her movement is like a cat…

The teaser visual depicts Mew Ichigo in a cute posture while turning around.
The production staff is Natori Takahiro as the director, Ishino Satoshi as the character designer, Yamada Yuka as the series composer, Kameyama Toshiki continuing his role as the music director from the audition, and the animation production is handled by the duo “Yumeta Company X Graphinica”.
Also, the start-up single “bitter sweet darling” from the unit “Smewthie” consisting of the 5 main cast members, will be released on March 22.

TV anime “Tokyo Mew Mew New” is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022.

(C) Ikumi Mia, Yoshida Reiko, Kodansha/ “Tokyo Mew Mew New” Production Committee
(C) Ikumi Mia, Yoshida Reiko/ Kodansha