Plans to make the Isekai fantasy BL “Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo” (Devote yourself to the demon king Evelogia) into a Comic Festa anime, a.k.a the “Souryo Slot”, are in progress.

The original manga was created by Kajiwara Io. Gozu Toshiaki is an outsider of society. One day, he was shot dead and woke up to find himself reincarnated in a game world. In front of him was the last boss, Demon King Evelogia, who he always admired. Evelogia was still young, not yet awakened, and was shivering in solitude. Gozu decides to…
An Isekai fantasy BL of the young demon king, Eve, and the off-the-wall man, Gozu, begins!

The original comics are in stores from February 18, 2021. In addition to the regular comics, a special version that includes a drama CD will also be on sale.
In the drama CD, the lonely demon king Eve will be played by Horie Shun and the off-the-wall man Gozu by Satou Takuya.

Further information about the TV anime “Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasageyo”, including broadcast/streaming schedules and cast members, are yet to be announced.

(C) Kajiwara Io / Shueisha Inc.