Hasegawa Ikumi was announced as the cast for the Dark Elf, Aisha Udgard, for the TV anime “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” (scheduled to start in July 2021).

“How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” is the TV anime adaption of the same title novel with over a million copies published in total (including both paper and e-books).
One day, the protagonist Souma Kazuya was summoned to the Kingdom of Elfrieden in another world. He uses his rational thinking and modern knowledge to work out new policies, one after another, rebuilding the kingdom’s financial and political system, which is at the brink of breaking down.
In the anime adaption, the protagonist Souma Kazuya will be played by Kobayashi Yuusuke, and the heroine, Liscia Elfrieden by Minase Inori. And the animation production will be handled by J.C.Staff.

As an additional cast member, Hasegawa Ikumi was announced as the voice of Aisha Udgard, the Dark Elf who supports Soma Kazuya with her “martial arts”. Along with the announcement, comments from Hasegawa about her enthusiasm for playing Aisha have arrived.

“How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” is scheduled to start in July.

Hasegawa Ikumi as Aisha Udgard

Soma, who was suddenly summoned to another world, uses modern wisdom and knowledge of politics and history to rebuild the kingdom…
There are many Isekai titles, but when I first read it, I was surprised to see a hero in such a position.

In this story, Aisha supports Soma with her martial arts skills.
She seems to be a cool and talented martial artist, but she’s actually quite clumsy. I’ll do my best to bring out the innocent and cute charm of Aisha.

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