The wristwatch, bag, and wallet inspired by Yagami Light from the anime “DEATH NOTE” are here. Each item can be pre-ordered from “SuperGroupies” now.

The wristwatch is based on Yagami Light's watch that comes with a multi-function. The specification where the back cover can be pulled out is inspired by the function that Yagami used in the work. The back cover is carved with the silhouette of the Shinigami “Ryuk” and the work's logo.

The bag is a tote bag that gave off a cool impression from the black texture base, which remind you of the “Death Note” that Yagami Light has, and the silver plate. The shape of the inner pocket is inspired by the “Death Note”.

The wallet is an elegant product with a black-based and a silver plate. Together with the bag, the silver plate will give off a shine. It comes with a holder that can mimic the way Shinigami “Ryuk” holds the “Death Note” after opening the wallet.

The pre-orders for “DEATH NOTE” Collaboration's Wristwatch, Bag and Wallet are currently available at “SuperGroupies”.

(C)Ohba Tsugumi・Obata Takeshi/Shueisha