In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the birth of “Godzilla” and “Hamtaro”, a collaboration character “Godzilla Hamtaro”, and “Godzilla Hamtaro Shaped Chocolates” are now available as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. This rare item is 10,000 JPY each, limited to 20 pieces, and is about 10 centimeters tall.

“Godzilla Hamtaro” was created as a present for the first one million visitors to “Gojira, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Attack of the Big Monsters” and “Totokotoko Hamtaro: Ham Hamland: The Great Adventure”, which were shown simultaneously in 2001.

The character was later distributed in different forms as admission gifts and advance sales gifts during the simultaneous screenings of “Godzilla” and “Hamtaro” in 2002 and 2003, and was unexpectedly revived at the “Godzilla Festival” held in November 2020.
The nostalgia of this event became a big topic of conversation, and it became a trending topic on Twitter, and the goods that were released were sold out immediately, creating a huge response.

This time, as a special Valentine’s Day project for 2021, a chocolate in the shape of “Godzilla Hamtaro”, who will celebrate his 20th anniversary this year, will be released.
“At about 10 centimeters high” it is quite large for a chocolate product, and the price is a whopping 10,000 JPY (including tax).

This item will be made by Fujimoto Miya of Patisserie Etienne, who created a chocolate Godzilla statue that was 1 meter long and weighed 140 kilograms last Valentine’s Day.
Fujimoto-san, who has won various awards both in Japan and abroad as a sweet art designer and has been introduced in many media, has handcrafted each and every “Godzilla Hamtaro” shaped chocolate”.

Each “Godzilla Hamtaro Shaped Chocolate” is priced at 10,000 JPY (tax not included) and will have a limited number of only 20 to be sold by lottery on the official website of “Godzilla Store” from January 21 to 31.
In addition, “Godzilla Hamtaro Chocolate Doughnut” and “Godzilla Hamtaro Cookie” will also be available at the “Godzilla Store Tokyo”.

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