“Hamtaro” Ichiban Kuji will be available at Itoyokado Shop, and others from Aug. 1, 2020. The line-up of the attracting Ham-chanzu are Hamtaro Cushion, Plushie, and others.

The product is an Ichiban Kuji featuring “Hamtaro”. Along with Hamtaro's birthday on Aug. 8, the product used the theme of “Fun Birthday Party”.

For the prizes: Prize A is an approximately 40cm big Hamtaro Cushion (One type only), Prize B is approximately 15cm big Hamtaro HAPPY Plushie (One type only), Prize C is approximately 15cm big Kaburu-kun HAPPY Plushie (One type only).
Other than that, the prizes also include a hand towel and clear rubber mascot.

“Ichiban Kuji Hamtaro ~HAPPY HAMU HAMU~ Dechu” is priced at 650 JPY (tax included) per tries. It will be available from Aug. 1, 2020, at Itoyokado Shop, Kiddyland, Olympia, Bookstore, Hobby Shop, Game Centre, etc.

(C)Kawai Ritsuko/Shogakukan