From "Trotting Hamtaro" comes a stuffed toy of Hamtaro with an overall height of 30 cm. The seriatim release of the large-sized stuffed toy brand "Mechadeka Plushie" will be available nationwide in game centers on Dec. 12, 2019.

This product has been designed as a stuffed toy from the popular "I LOVE" series, which adapts "Hamtaro" toward adult women.
In addition to its fluffy touch and gentle pastel shades, you will be healed by the radiant expression of "Hamtaro".
The large-sized "Mechadeka Plushie" with an overall height of 30 cm is not just an ornament, but also something you want to keep and hug in every moment of your day.

"I LOVE HAMUCHANS from Trotting Hamtaro Mechadeka Plushie" will be released in all nationwide game centers in mid-Dec., 2019 as an amusement-only prize.

(C) Kawai Ritsuko/Shogakukan