From the TV anime “Laid-Back Camp Season 2”, the synopsis and preceding cutscene have been revealed. It is on air on Thursday, January 14, 2021.

“Laid-Back Camp Season 2” is an anime adaptation based on a manga, which is written by Afro and serialized on ‘Comic Fuz’.
Shima Rin, a high school girl living in Yamanashi, went camping after a long time on New Year’s Eve. She left Yamanashi and arrived in Iwata in Shizuoka. She spent New Year’s Eve there, and it’s the 3rd day today. She’s been driving such a long distance, but it’s still fun for her. It casually occurred to Rin, ‘I like solo camping as well.’
On the other hand, to see such Rin’s experience, some desire is getting stronger to Nadeshiko. ‘I want to try solo camping like Rin-chan.’

The title for episode 2 is ‘New Year’s Solo Camper Girl’.
On New Year’s Eve. Rin arrives in Shizuoka, and spend the final day of the year, enjoying the beach at the camping site. Meanwhile, Nadeshiko is busy at part-time work even on New Year’s Day. She gets a message from Rin and others there…

‘New Year’s Solo Camper Girl’, episode 2 of “Laid-Back Camp Season 2”, is on air from 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 14, 2021 at AT-X and other channels.

(C)Afro, Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Committee