It has been decided that the Netflix original anime series “Tenkuu Shinpa” will be released on February 25, 2021, and this PV has been released along with the decision. Additional cast members have also been announced, including Fukuyama Jun, Hikasa Youko, Ogata Emi, Yusa Kouji, Anzai Chika, and Itou Shizuka.

The original story of “Tenkuu Shinpa” is a survival action comic that was serialized on the manga app “Manga Box” from 2014 to 2019, and drew attention for its unpredictable development.
Set in a cluster of skyscrapers where it is impossible to get down to the ground, the story is about the main character Honjo Yuri who, in cooperation with her friends, fights for survival against the mysterious “masks” that mercilessly kill people who are running away.

In the PV released this time, the main character Yuri is fighting for her life against the mysterious masks that are attacking her in the “realm” where she was suddenly brought to, and she is also involved in a head-to-head battle between humans aiming to become the “god of the realm”.

There are also six additional characters and cast members that have been revealed as well.
Fukuyama Jun plays Aikawa Mamoru, a man who tries to become a “god” by revealing the secrets of the realm before anyone else can, and Hikasa Youko plays Kusakabe Yayoi, a sadistic mask who works faithfully for Aikawa. Ogata Emi plays Okihara Shinji, a boy whom the main character’s brother Rika meets in the realm and becomes his friend.
Yusa Kouji plays Aohara Kazuma, a doctor in the original world who is “close to God”. Anzai Chika plays Ain, a masked girl who is used by Aohara and uses a Japanese sword as a weapon. Itou Shizuka will play the role of the Dealer Kamen, a mysterious woman who wears a special mask called the “Mask of Anger”.

“Tenkuu Shinpa” will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix from February 25.

<The full text of the comments is below.
Mamoru Aikawa / CV. Jun Fukuyama

I’m Fukuyama Jun, playing the role of Aikawa Mamoru.
I enjoyed playing the role of a powerful little thing that stands in the way of the main character.
I’m looking forward to seeing how you feel when you see Aikawa, whether it’s sympathy, repulsion, or disgust.
I look forward to seeing how you feel about it and hope you will enjoy watching it.

Kusakabe Yayoi / CV: Hikasa Youko

When I saw “Tenkuu Shinpa” at the audition, I thought it was a very sharp work.
And when I saw Yayoi, I thought what a sharp character she was.
I went into recording with great excitement.
I hope you enjoy the coexistence of calmness and cruelty and the degree of destruction.

Okihara Shinji / CV: Ogata Emi

I audition twice? Three times? Each time, they explained the backbone of the role in detail, and I felt the “passion” of the staff.
Okihara was a boy with a relatively high degree of freedom, so I had a lot of fun playing him, but the truth is that the rest of the story is even more fun, so I really hope it runs for a second season (laughs).
This is a story that makes you want to continue reading. Please enjoy it!

Aohara Kazuma / CV. Yusa Kouji

I hadn’t seen the original story before I auditioned for the role, but Aohara was a lot more “~” than I had expected.
I can’t spoil it because it hasn’t aired yet, but after I was chosen for the role, I read the original story and thought, “Oh! Except for the lines in the audition, the rest of the story is like this,” and looked forward to the recording. There are always battles and other things going on, so it’s a scene that requires a lot of physical strength to watch and act.
When the pictures actually move and the sound is added, I think the work will have a great impact.
I haven’t seen the finished product yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

Ain / CV. Anzai Chika

My name is Anzai Chika, and I play the role of Ain.
All the characters in the game have strong personalities, and Ain, with her twin-tailed hair, Lolita outfit, and Japanese sword, is no exception.
Although she doesn’t say much, she has a lot of emotions, and her girlishness that overflowed from time to time in the midst of a bleak battle was very endearing.
The recording was done a long time ago when all the actors were recording together, and although the production was full of thrills and tingles, the atmosphere on the set was harmonious and relaxed.
The director’s explanations of the scenes and characters were very interesting and fun.
I hope those who have read the original will also enjoy the anime “Tenkuu Shinpa”. I look forward to working with you!

Dealer Mask / CV: Itou Shizuka

Dealer Mask is a character with many mysteries, so I wanted to find out where she stands, what she’s thinking, and how she feels about what happened.
I had to think a lot about how I would play the role based on that.
Shocking things happen one after another in this work, so I hope everyone will enjoy it with lots of surprises and keep their eyes open.

(C) Miura Tsuina, Ooba Takahiro, Kodansha / Tenkuu Shinpa Production Committee