A collaboration project between “Sylvanian Families” and Meiji “Let’s make a chocolate house with everyone from the Sylvanian Families!” has been started on January 6th..
This is the first collaboration between “Sylvanian Families” and Meiji. Well-known in the series “House With a Red Roof” has been thoroughly reproduced with only Meiji chocolate, and the recipe has also been released.

“Sylvanian Families” is a toy series that beautifully and finely embodies scenes of the animal families living their lives full of love like humans in a world surrounded by nature.
Established in 1985, it is now loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults, in about 70 countries around the world.

This time, to make house time and coming Valentine’s day wonderful, the campaign “Let’s make a chocolate house with everyone in the Sylvanian Families!” has been announced.
On the special site, a recipe to reproduces the well-known “House With a Red Roof” from the “Sylvanian Families” series using only Meiji’s chocolate has been released. The door is made of Meiji milk chocolate, the roof is done of marble, and the garden is decorated with Apollo and Takenoko no Sato, making it a delicious and cute recipe filled with the dreams of Sylvanian village residents.

Also, the “Chocolate House Campaign” will start on January 22nd. In the first phase, 100 people will win “Ingredients for a chocolate house with red roof (chocolate assortment)”, and in the second, “Only one chocolate house in the world”, and you can apply on Twitter. If you tweet with the special hashtag, you will receive a video from the Sylvanian Families, which will tell if you won or lost.
Details will be announced later on the official Twitter account and a special website.

[Pastry chef Matsumoto Nana]
-What did you keep in mind while you were working on the “Chocolate House”?
“I carefully measured “House With a Red Roof” and faithfully reproduced it caring about the size. I paid particular attention to the type and shape of Meiji’s chocolate so that the positions and shapes of the windows would be closer to the real thing. I want you to enjoy it by comparing it with the real thing.”
-Please tell us about features you were particular about and the points you want to pay attention to. “The House is finely decorated with many kinds of Meiji’s chocolates, including windows and roofs, so please check it out. Furniture such as tables and chairs have also been devised to look cute.”

-Please tell us about things you struggled with.
“If you don’t glue the chocolate bars together firmly, they will break or crack in the middle, so I was very careful with it. In order not to fail, it is important to solidify with plenty of chocolate before proceeding to the next step.”
-Please give a few words to fans of the Sylvanian Families and chocolate lovers.
“You can arrange many things, including roof coloring to your tastes, so I hope you will enjoy it freely! Please make furniture in the only original house in the world and spend a wonderful time with everyone from the Sylvanian Families.”

[Meiji Co., Ltd. Marketing Headquarters Cacao Marketing Department Kihara Jun]

Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is the biggest festival in the chocolate world. I think it’s an event that is coloring the lives of many people with chocolate every year.
However, even such a fun event as Valentine’s Day was overshadowed last year. As the new coronavirus began to spread, the entire world was unable to enjoy this event. It was really sad for us, who want Valentine’s Day to always be fun.
Since spring, the idea of so-called “house time” has permeated. Since that time, the number of people who have experienced handmade chocolate using our products has gradually increased. After realizing that, I started to hope that chocolate has the power to make “home time” wonderful and to brighten the dense world as much as possible.
With this feeling as the starting point, Meiji is implementing the promotion “Chocolate Daisakusen” with the message, “Make your home time happy and sweet.” This collaboration with Epoch’s “Sylvanian Families” is a project that is just like the crystallization of the feelings put into the chocolate strategy.
I would like everyone to enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day more safely and securely than last year. It would be great if we could create a new and fun world of chocolate with everyone from the Sylvanian Families.

[Marketing Headquarters, Epoch Co., Ltd. Ono Yuriko]

Sylvanian Families was launched in 1985. Thanks to you, sales at the Christmas sales season at the end of last year increased by 50% from the previous year, and after 35 years, it is still loved by many children. In recent years, with the spread of SNS, the number of people posting pictures of Sylvanian Families toys has increased, and it has become a trend not only among children but also teens.
“Baby” is especially popular, and some people are decorating only dolls. I feel healed every day by decorating mine next to my computer.
This time, Meiji-sama proposed a dream-like project called “Chocolate House”, and I am excited that both fans of Sylvanian Families and those who do not know much about it. As the name suggests, the popular “Chocolate Rabbit Family” in Sylvanian Families has a chocolate color in their ears, so I thought it would be perfect for Meiji-sama’s chocolate.
I would like everyone who spends Valentine’s Day at home to make this special chocolate house and arrange and take pictures with Sylvanian Families dolls!