The “Sanrio Character Enjoy Idol Series 4th Release” from “Sanrio” to make your Stan activities more enjoyable has been announced. A total of 5 products, including “Trading Card Holder”, will be available sequentially on Sanrio Online Shop and other shops from December 16.

The product is the 4th release of the “To make the Stan activities of the supporter more enjoyable” goods series. There is a total of 5 products, such as “Trading Card Holder” that protects your trading card while carrying it out, “Ribbon and Straps for Penlight” where you can dress up the penlight in your “Stan color”, etc.

“Trading Card Holder” is a key holder, where you can carry your Stan trading card around.

“Trading Card Pocket Album” has a total of 64 pocket that allows you to store up to 128 pieces of trading cards. (The storable card size is 6.8 cm in length and 6.7 cm in width)
As the pocket can store the card with sleeves, which protects it from being scratched and dust, it is a recommended product for collectors.
Large pockets are located at the inner side of the cover and back cover that allows you to store postcard, etc. The pockets are transparent that allows you to spectate the back of the trading card.

“L-shaped Photo Holder” is a photo holder that allows you to walk around with the L-sized photo, which is a staple idol goods. It has a specification that makes the inserted photo to shine from the hologram. Also, you can make use of the transparency from the materials by inserting small objects, such as Cheki’s photos.
By using the stands that come along with it, you can display the photo and decorate it at your house or at a cafe. This makes it an item that is perfect for you to take a picture with your Stan.

“Ribbon and Straps for Penlight” is a ribbon with a strap that allows you to decorate the penlight with your “Stan color”. The strap wraps around your wrist making it useful during a concert. As the ribbon has a silicon rubber band, you can attach it easily to the penlight. (Suitable for penlight with a diameter of 2cm to 4cm)

“Straps for Opera Glass” are the straps that allow you to hang the binocular or opera glass, which is used during events like concert, live, or stage performance, on your neck. As the strap is broad, it won’t make your neck feel sore after hanging it for a long time.
It also comes with a part that is useful if the opera glass only has a single slot.

“Sanrio Character Enjoy Idol Series 4th Release” will be available from December 16, on Sanrio Online Shop, and nationwide Sanrio Shops and Sanrio Corners at the department stores from December 17.

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