From “Sanrio”, “Sanrio Character Tokimeki Favorite Goods 2nd Series” that supports people who have “favorite” anime, games, and theatrical performances is now available. A total of 5 types, including the “Ai-tatA bag” that you can carry around with your favorite goods, will be on sale from December 3 at Sanrio shops and other stores nationwide.

“Sanrio Character Tokimeki Favorite Goods” is a series of goods called “Favorite” to let you enjoy more your life as a fan. In the second series, the aim is to make “favorite” goods more enjoyable, with the theme of “making the goods of the favorite characters look cute”.

“Ai-tatA Bag” is a tote bag that you can carry around by showing your favorite goods. A transparent zipper window that can protect important “favorite” goods, a mesh sheet that is convenient for attaching can badge, and a string that is convenient for attaching mascots and acrylic key chains, as well as storage capacity for goods, make it a simple tote bag on one side, and an excellent camouflage bag on another.

The “Coaster Case” is an item that you can carry around by showing the coaster you can get at a character cafe. It has a cute Sanrio characters’ design.

In addition to coasters, “Multi-File” can store photos and postcards, and can also be shown as a stand wherever you prefer.

The “Can Badge Cover” and “Acrylic Key Chain Cover” protect and carry the can badge and acrylic key chain, which are essential items for favorite goods. With the addition of foil stamping, the shape makes the “favorite” looks cuter.

“Tokimeki Pushing Goods 2nd Series” (5 types in total) will be on sale from December 3, 2020, at Sanrio stores nationwide, Sanrio corners of department stores, Sanrio online shops, and others.

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