It has been announced that the live-action movie adaptation of the cartoon “Tom & Jerry” will be released in March 19, 2021. The Japan original teaser depicting the unexpected miracle that happened due to the friendship of “Tom & Jerry”, who always fight when meeting each other, has been released.

“Tom & Jerry” is a cartoon that revolves around the duo Tom, a talented but clumsy and easily elated cat, and Jerry, the cute, smart and merciless mouse, chasing each other around.
This 1940 work was a regular patron in the Academy Awards as it has obtained 7 awards and been nominated 6 times. The fans of this interesting story with the cute characters that fascinate everyone have continue to increase and it has welcomed its 80th anniversary in 2020.

The Japan original teaser depicts Tom & Jerry jumping out from the cartoon and making a mess in the real world.
The chasing for this movie starts when Jerry moved to a high class hotel in New York. The hotel, where the newcomer Kayla is working at, was having a “Wedding Party that the world is paying attention to” but it was ruined due to Tom & Jerry.

In order to restore their reputation, Tom & Jerry has formed an unexpected partnership. The “I despise you, but I like you” duo worked together to hold the world no.1 fantastic wedding party.
The unexpected miracle that happen due to the friendship of “Tom & Jerry”, who always fight when meeting each other, and this teaser will hype up the expectation toward the laughter and emotional from the mess in the real world that they will cause.

Movie “Tom & Jerry” will be released on March 19, 2021, in Japan.

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