The latest PV of the TV anime “Levius Levius” (to be broadcast on January 9, 2021), featuring ‘Beautiful Doll’, the ED theme of which is sung by Mamoru Miyano, has been released.

The original of “Levius” is a comic serialized in ‘Ultra Jump’ (Shueisha) by Nakata Haruhisa.
A boy wearing a modified prosthetic arm, Levius, immerses himself in the ultimate martial art of ‘Kikai Kempo’, which fuses the human body with machines, and depicts various human aspects in a sensitive manner.
The anime is produced by Polygon Pictures, known for “Drifting Dragons” and “Knight of Sidonia,” and was distributed worldwide in 2019 as a Netflix original anime.

In the 2nd PV, the backgrounds of the characters of “Levius” are dramatically explained while the ending theme ‘Beautiful Doll’ sung by Mamoru Miyano plays. The result is not only a powerful battle scene, but also a story with fascinating characters. Miyano plays the role of Dr. Crown, the enemy of the main character Levius.
Take a peek into the world of “Levius” ahead of the broadcast with the first PV featuring the opening theme song sung by Nana Mizuki, which was released earlier.

TV anime “Levius Levius” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and BS11 on January 9 (Sat.), 2021.

(C) Haruya Nakata / Shueisha Polygon Pictures