Kozakai Yurie, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, and other actors have been announced as the main cast for “It’s Disgusting to Call This Love”, which will be broadcast from April, 2021. As well as that, the 1st PV was released.

“It’s Disgusting to Call This Love” is based on the manga under the same name by Mogusu published on Comic POOL. A romantic comedy about age difference shows Ryo, an office worker, who is too straightforward in expressing his affections for Ichihana, a high school girl who feels uncomfortable with it.

This time, the main cast has been announced. Kozakai Yurie will play the main character, Arima Ichika, Toyonaga Toshiyuki will play Amakusa Ryo, and Hasegawa Rena will play Amakusa Rio. Also, Enoki Junya, Hanazawa Kana, and Kimura Ryohei will join as the additional cast. Comments from voice actors have also arrived.

Also, on February 14, which is an important event even during the middle of production, a party to handout original chocolate released for this work will be held. KozakaiYurie and Hasegawa Rena will appear at the handout party.

The TV anime “It’s Disgusting to Call This Love” will be broadcast from April 2021.

Full comments are below
Arima Ichika / Kozakai Yurie
When I played Ichihana, I was thinking about her as, “a cute girl without nothing extra”.
At first glance, Ichika seems to have an easy-to-understand personality, but when you actually delve into her character, she becomes difficult and troublesome.
This is why I actually behaved as Ichika.
I could talk on a phone and say the lines, or make okonomiyaki and say the lines while eating (laughs).
I was very happy when I was able to find her inside myself.
I hope I can deliver my “Ichika” to everyone.

Amakusa Ryo / Toyonaga Toshiyuki
He is talented and therefore does not sympathize with people very much. I wonder if Ryo was such a person initially.
I also feel that when Ichihka-san said “Disgusting” about him that makes him feel “alive” when he learned that people hated him.
I wonder if he likes people who can tell him that…
As for the story, so-called gag elements are probably included, so while keeping in mind how to express his discomfort, I was playing while thinking that he wishes he could become a lovable person by putting out the cuteness.
I would appreciate it if you could take gentle care of me.

Amakusa Rio / Hasegawa Rena
Next is Hasegawa Rena, who will play the role of Amakusa Rio.
Rio is a very kind child who has a quick mind and can take action for her loved ones.
I tried my best to play Rio-chan, who supports Ichika and Ryo’s honest feelings.
I would like everyone to enjoy the wonderful story of “It’s Disgusting to Call This Love”.

Tamaru Kai / Enoki Junya
I felt that Tamaru is more of a quiet type of character.
So I play him with an idea that he isn’t too bright and not too gloomy.
Everyone, please look forward to the broadcast.

Matsushima Arie / Hanazawa Kana
Arie-chan’s appearance of getting excited about what she likes and the appearance of being in love and writhing in her heart are very healthy and make me want to support her like a friend. It would be great if everyone watching her could feel closer to her like that!

Masuda / Kimura Ryohei
The recordings are organized so that they can be recorded as much as possible in each session, so I hope that the conversational feeling of a live human being will be conveyed firmly.

(C) Mogusu Ichijinsha / Koikimo Production Committee