“Laid-Back Camp” is collaborating with “Kerorin Pail”, the well-known item at hot springs and public baths. It has a cute retro design inspired by the social media icon of “Shima Rin”.

“Laid-Back Camp Kerorin Pail” is the latest “Laid-Back Camp” merchandise, which will be released under the unexpected collaboration with “Kerorin Pail”, which has an advertisement of “Kerorin”, an antipyretic/painkiller produced and sold by Toyama Megumi Pharmaceutical Inc.

The “Kerorin Pail” is a popular bathing item for its robustness. It is also said that the special printing technology lasts for over 10 years when used outdoors, and almost forever when used indoors.
The collaboration item has a cute design inspired by the social media icon of the main character from “Laid-Back Camp”, Shima Rin, which will make you want to use it not only for camping, but also at home.

“Laid-back Camp Kerorin Pail” will be on sale at Amazon and other stores from Oct. 15, 2020, at 1,300 JPY (tax excluded).

(C)Afro, Houbunsha / Outdoor Activities Committee