Voice actor Masuda Toshiki’s 30th birthday anniversary photo book is set to be released, and it will be on sale at bookstores across the country and online bookstores from December 21. Pre-orders are now being taken.

Masuda Toshiki has played the role of Kashu Kiyomitsu in “Touken Ranbu”, Izumi Iori in “Idolish Seven” and Sakuma Rei in “Ensemble Stars!” and in 2019 he made be making his CD debut under his own name, expanding his range of activities.

Masuda, who is now 30 years old, is at a turning point in his life and at a time when he is at his most ferocious as a man and has chosen to do his photoshoot at locations on Yakushima Island, a sacred place for power spots.
The theme of the book is “A Man’s Journey Alone”, and it is a compilation of his current work, in which he captures his life-size, naturalistic charm by enjoying the nature of Yakushima Island, which is registered as a world heritage site, smiling encounters with animals, and different expressions in the morning and at night at a hotel with a great view of the sea.

In addition, TV Guide VOICE STARS vol.16, which will be released on December 7, will include an advance cut and interview. In addition to the standard edition, a limited edition making-of DVD set full of off-screen shots, will be sold at Animate and Gamers, and those who purchase the DVD will be able to enter a lottery event of Masuda Toshiki; fans should check it out.

The regular edition of “Toshiki Masuda’s Photo Book (tentative)” will be priced at 3,000 JPY (excluding tax). The book will go on sale at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide from December 21, 2020. Pre-orders are currently being taken.

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Comments by Toshiki Masuda

The concept of this photo book is “the way I am”. As I don’t usually show a lot of my personal life, I’m leaving it up to the people who receive it, but I hope you’ll enjoy it, even though that’s who I am…
However, I didn’t neglect to prepare for the shoot, such as limbering up.
It’s been about 10 years since I published my first book in 2009, and whether you were supporting me back then or have recently come to know me, this will be a book that shows you the “real Masuda Toshiki Masuda”, so if you are at all interested in me, I hope you will take a look at it.

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