All 21 stage participants of the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair (Kyoto Mafu) 2021 (held on September 18 and 19), one of the largest manga and anime events in western Japan, and a promotion movie “Okoshiyasu Kyoto Mafu Hakken TV” featuring Masuda Toshiki and Uchida Maaya have been released.

This “Kyoto Mafu 2021”, in addition to titles such as “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Sword Art Online”, “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”, “Almagia”, the appearances of voice actors, including Masuda Toshiki, Uchida Maaya, and many others has also been announced.
In order to prevent infectious diseases, this year’s stage will be held by lottery and all seats will be reserved.

In addition, the “Kyoto Mafu” promotion movie “Okoshiyasu Kyoto Mafu Hakken TV” with Masuda Toshiki and Uchida Maaya, the ambassadors of Okoshiyasu, has also be released.
Moreover, the fans voting for projects and questions to decide the pattern of the kimono at the opening stage of “Kyo Mafu 2021” is open on Twitter on September 18.

“Kyoto Mafu 2021” will be held on September 18 and 19 at Miyako Messe and other venues. For details, please visit the official website of “Kyoto Mafu 2021”.

■ Kyoto Mafu Stage Lineup * Advance lottery system, ROHM Theater Kyoto South Hall

―September 18 (Sat) ―
● 9: 45 A.M. – 10: 30 A.M. Kyo Mafu 2021 Opening Stage / “Buru Buru-kun” Anime & Manga Project Production Announcement Stage
Performers: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair Executive Committee, Masuda Toshiki (Kyoto Mafu 2021 Okoshiyasu Ambassador), Uchida Maaya(Kyoto Mafu 2021 Okoshiyasu Ambassador), Wakasa Seikatsu Co., Ltd. President Kenichi Kakutani / Seta Mitsuho ( Animation director)
● 11: 20 A.M. -12: 00 P.M. TV anime “Megaton Musashi” pre-screening in Kyoto Mafu
Cast: Masuda Toshiki (role of Ichidaiji Yamato)
● 12: 40 P.M. -1: 20 P.M. Pythagoras Fan Thanksgiving Business Trip Version! “FAN SPACE SHIP in Kyoto Mafu!”
Performers: Masuda Toshiki (Atom Kirihara), Takahashi Naozumi (Aiba Rui)
● 2: 00 P.M. – 2: 40 P.M. I have reincarnated into a radio personality that has only the ruin flag of the otome game… Business trip version
Performers: Uchida Maaya (role of Catarina), Uesaka Sumire (role of Susanna / Lana)
● 3: 20 P.M. – 4: 00 P.M. TV Anime “Kyokai Senki” Special Talk Stage in Kyoto Mafu
Performers: Sato Gen, Fujiwara Natsumi
● 4: 40 P.M. – 5: 20 P.M. Stage just before the climax of the TV anime “Kageki Shojo !!”
Performers: Senbongi Sayaka, Uesaka Sumire

―September 19 (Sun) ―
● 10: 00 A.M. – 11: 10 A.M. Kyoto Animation Manufacturing Award
Cast: Coming Soon
● 12: 00 P.M. – 12: 40 P.M. Golden Corda Starlight Orchestra
Performers: MC: Ito Kentaro, Guest: Ohara Sayaka (6th), 7th Guest (honorific title omitted, video appearance)
● 1: 20 P.M. – 2: 00 P.M. TV anime “Build Divide-# 000000 (Code Black)-” special stage
Performers: Yuto Uemura, Sayumi Watabe, Aoi Koga
● 02: 40 P.M. – 3: 20 P.M. “Theatrical version Sword Art Online the Movie: The Aria of the Night Without Stars” Link start to Kyoto!
Performers: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Kirito), Kono Ayako (Director), Niwa Masami (SAO Anime Series Producer), etc.

* To view the stage event, you will need the “Kyoto Mafu Admission Ticket” on the same day as the desired stage date and the “Stage Admission Ticket” won by lottery. * The lottery application right for stage viewing is granted only to tickets purchased by 11:59 P.M. on 8/27 (Friday).
* Online distribution of some stages is also planned. * Contents are subject to change.

■ Twitter project [Q Mafu] & [Fans choose: Kimono DE Ambassador]
At the opening stage on Saturday, September 18, where Masuda Toshiki and Uchida Maaya will appear, so everyone will be able to ask questions to the two ambassadors and they will answer them. In addition, the pattern of the kimono they will wear will be decided by voting on Twitter, so please join us!

[Q Mafu]
・ Period: August 25 (Wednesday) -September 1 (Wednesday)
・ How to participate: Please post questions related to “Kyoto Mafu” and “Kyoto” to Masuda Toshiki and Uchida Maaya on Twitter with “#Q Mafu”.

[Fans choose-Kimono DE Ambassador-]
・ Period: September 3 (Friday) to September 10 (Friday)
・ How to participate: Follow the Twitter Kyomafu account and vote using the questionnaire function of the relevant tweet.

■ Outline of “Kyo Mafu 2021”
Event name: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2021
Venue: Miyako Messe (main venue)
9-1 Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
ROHM Theater Kyoto (main venue)
13 Okazaki Saishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Kyoto International Manga Museum (Venue 2)
Karasuma-dori Oike-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (former Tatsuike Elementary School)
Toei Kyoto Studio Park (special venue)
10 Uzumasa Higashi Hachioka-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Session: Miyako Messe (main venue)
September 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2021 9: 00 A.M. – 05: 00 P.M. * Until 04:00 P.M. on the 19
Kyoto International Manga Museum
September 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2021 10: 30 A.M. – 07: 30 P.M.
Toei Kyoto Studio Park (special venue)
September 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2021 10: 00 A.M. – 05: 00 P.M.
* Admission is 30 minutes before the end (Toei Kyoto Studio Park is 1 hour before)
* From the perspective of countermeasures against new coronavirus infections,
if the number of tickets sold exceeds the capacity limit, sales may be suspended.
Organizer: Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair Executive Committee, Kyoto City
Co-sponsored by: KYOTO CMEX Executive Committee / Kyoto International Manga Museum /
Toei Kyoto Studio Park / Kyoto Computer Gakuin / Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics
Cooperation: “Traditional Industry Day” Executive Committee

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