The broadcast slot of “Kemono Jihen”, which is scheduled to start in 2021, has been decided. Along with this announcement, comments from the main staff have been released. The broadcast will start at 10:00 P.M. on January 10 on Tokyo MX.

“Kemono Jihen” is based on the manga by Aomoto Shou, serialized in “Jump SQ”.
Set in a world where “Kemono” lurking in the shadows since ancient times, and live along with humans while avoiding detection, the story depicts the strange fate of a half-demon boy, who was born between a human and Kemono.

The artists of the opening and ending theme song have been revealed in this announcement, along with their comments. The opening is “Kemonomichi” by Ono Daisuke and “Shirushi” by Sasaki Sayaka.

In addition, comments for the fans looking forward to the TV anime, from the main staff, including the author Aimoto Shou and the director Fujimori Masaya, have also been released.

The TV anime “Kemono Jihen” will start at 10:00 P.M. on January 10, on Tokyo MX.

Ono Daisuke
――About the theme song.
We all live in solitude, running along a dark kemonomichi (desire path). But there is always a light of hope at the end. I put my heart into this song in the hope that you can see the ray of light in the darkness, just like Kabane was led to Inugami Detective Office in the story.

Sasaki Sayaka
――About the theme song.
I’m so grateful and happy to be working on the music for the anime adaptation of “Kemono Jihen”! This time, I didn’t aim for an ending that clears or resets you after each episode, but an ending that leaves a hook in your heart or a sense of craving, filling your head with thoughts about Kabane and his friends until the next week. I stuffed the lyrics with the world of this work! I hope you will sink yourself into the world of this work, looking for the names of the members of Inugami Detective Office and phrases singing about them, I’ve hidden in full-size. I asked Honda Yuuki-san from Arte Refact, who I fully trust, to team up with me for the composition and arrangement of the song. I’ve put my “Kemono Jihen Fever” with all my heart and soul into this song, and I hope it reaches you all!

Author: Aimoto Shou
Director Fujimori was very loving and understanding of Kabane and his friends. I believe he was able to make this story reach a wider audience and entertain many more people.
The script, which was reorganized for the anime, keeps the important points from the original, and even supplements the story, giving it a great flow.
Also, I was amazed at the charm of the characters with voices given to them. The motion, color, voice, and song combine, multiplying the coolness and loveliness of Kabane and his friends.
I’m supervising the work to the point the staff might be annoyed by me, haha, so fans of the original work, please look forward to it! I hope you enjoy it!

Director: Fujimori Masaya
Kabane and his friends move and talk in a beautiful background with great depth, supported by the delicate yet grand music. It’s fun just listening to the interaction of the talented voice actors, and I believe it has become an anime that lets you enjoy the story to its full potential.
Please watch it and immerse yourself in the world of Kemono Jihen.

Story Editor: Kimura Noboru
I humbly beg you to look forward to the show.
That episode of Nekomata is great, isn’t it? I’m one of those unpopular otakus so I can’t help myself empathize with it. It’s even better because it’s set in Kabukichou. Kabukichou. What an exciting place.
… No, I have no hidden intentions.

Character Designer / General Animation Director: Tachibana Nozomi
There’s still some time before the broadcast, but there will be more information that will be released in the meantime, so please look forward to it.
I’m looking forward to the anime Kemono Jihen, too. I hope you will look forward to seeing Kabane-kun and his friends speaking and moving around.

Music: Mori Yuuya
Nice to meet you, I’m Mori, and I worked on the music.
The characters of Kemono Jihen are all so unique, and each of them has their own drama. My fav is Kon-chan! I also enjoy the gap between everyday life and the battles!
I enjoyed composing the music while reading the original work and imagining how they would move in animation, haha.
I put a lot of care into every piece of music, but I was particularly enthusiastic about the music at the climactic scenes, and I can’t wait for the broadcast! I hope you will watch it and enjoy it together!

(C)Aomoto Shou / Shueisha, “Kemono Jihen” Production Committee