From TV anime “Kemono Jihen”, the anime visual of the protagonist, Kabane is released. In addition, it has been announced that Fujimori Masaya, the producer known for “Izetta: The Last Witch”, will direct the anime.

The original manga of “Kemono Jihen” is a manga currently serialized in “Jump SQ.” by Aimoto Sho.
“Kemono” is an existence which interacts with humans without being seen by them since the old times.
But in the present, there are several cases of unnecessary interactions with humans, including attempting to have a child.
While such things are occurring, Inugami, a detective specialized in Kemono in Tokyo, is invited to a rural village to investigate the continous
unnatural deaths of the animals. Inugami meets the boy at the village.

Staff information has been released.
The director is Fujimori Masaya (“Izetta: The Last Witch”), the scenario write is Kimura Noboru (“Motto To Love Ru” and “PERSONA 5 the Animation”), and the character design director is Tachibana Nozomi (“”ClassicaLoid” and “KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-“). The animation company Ajia-do Animation Works (“Kakushigoto” and “Izetta: The Last Witch”) will be in charge of production..

(C) Aimoto Sho/Shueisha・”Kemono Jihen” Production Committee