Saitou Souma, who is a voice actor that plays in various anime works, and is also playing an active role as an artist, collaborated with his favorite fashion brand ‘glamb’. The collaboration items will be available for pre-order at ‘kuumaA’ from 19:00 on Oct. 30, 2020.

‘glamb X Saitou Souma X LOOSE KNIT’ is a knitted pullover that is designed with two contrast colors and has an exquisite silhouette. The cuffs can be used in two ways depending on your mood. A stitched ornament is usually attached on the chest, but this item has it below, which symbolizes the ennui and ‘twisted’ Saitou Souma style.

‘glamb X Saitou Souma X MELLOW BERET’ was designed from scratch following a request that ‘I want to create a beret that is convenient for anyone that wants to add more volume to their hair or want it to be flat.’ Saitou Souma picked ‘material that can create a beautiful form’ from a huge amount of samples by himself. This item is limited to 1,000.

‘glamb X Saitou Souma X BLOCK SOCKS’ was produced to be paired with LOOSE KNIT. This item features a small label that has the collaboration logo printed on. It is glimpsed at the ankle, which makes the item stylish.

These products are available for pre-orders from 19:00 on Oct. 30.