As a bonus for visitors to “Happy-Go-Lucky Days: Dounika Naru Hibi” (to be released on October 23, 2020), the theater video bonus “Special Cast Talk -Happy-Go-Lucky Days, Our Days-” has been decided to be screened before the main story screening.

“Happy-Go-Lucky Days: Dounika Naru Hibi” is an animated movie based on an omnibus manga depicting various romance patterns by Shimura Takako, a master of youth ensemble drama known for her masterpieces such as “Wandering Son: Hourou Musuko” and ” Sweet Blue Flowers: Aoi Hana”.

Theater video bonus “Special Cast Talk -Happy-Go-Lucky Days, Our Days-” delivers special talk videos by the cast members who appear in each episode on a weekly basis. This time, some of the video bonus and photos of the cast talk from each episode have been released.

Also, “The Movie ‘Happy-Go-Lucky Days’ release commemorative special program” by Hanazawa Kana and Shiraishi Ryoko has been decided to be held on YouTube LIVE from 8:30 pm on October 23, which is the release date.

“Happy-Go-Lucky Days: Dounika Naru Hibi” will be released at theaters nationwide from October 23.

(C) Shimura Takako / Ohta Publishing/ “Happy-Go-Lucky Days: Dounika Naru Hibi” Production Committee