According to Director Satou Takuya, most well known for his works “Kase-san and Morning Glories” and “Fragtime”, his new production “Happy Go Lucky Days” will be released for a limited time in early summer, 2020. The teaser visual and comment by the original artist, Shimura Takako along with the special promotional video have been released.

“Happy Go Lucky Days”, according to artist Shimura Takako, known for her other works, “Wandering Son” and “Sweet Blue Flowers” is an all inclusive romance manga that depicts love in a light and delicate way. Attending a former lover’s wedding, an all boy’s school’s student and teacher, a pubescent childhood friend facing the changes of mind and body… Watching over “someone’s love”, a warm omnibus collection of short stories.

As for the staff, first of all there is Director Sato, then for character design, the animation director from “Yamada-Kun and The 7 Witches” and character designer of “Senritsu no Lucifer”, Sagawa Haruka will be employed. Animation production will be executed by LIDEN FILMS Kyoto Studio.

The anime “Happy Go Lucky Days” will be screening for a limited time in cinemas at the beginning of summer, 2020. Also, from December 20th 2019, cinemas will be selling “movie tickets with limited edition Satou Takuya illustrated clear files”.

<Full comments are as seen below>
– Writer: Shimura Takako
“The production is a universal collection of down to earth works. Even though when I’m in the middle of writing, I’m not thinking about how to write it like that, its often reviewed as being down to earth or ordinary.

Even so, I have nothing but gratitude for all the staff who picked my manga out of so many others and decided to make it into an anime, taking care of every last detail.

Otherwise, I’ve just compiled my favourite short stories. I feel very humbled. I hope my readers will also enjoy the production.”

-Chief Editor: Murakami Aki
“This story is more than 15 years old but I feel that it carries an agelessness, a sparkling freshness and is a story that is still relevant today.

Ms. Shimura’s outlook is calm and gentle which compels us to treasure the living of everyday, which might not be so cherished from other peoples’ points of view.

I am very grateful to everyone who was involved in the animation of this work, using love and compassion and I am also very excited for its debut! I hope that lots of people will come and see it.”

-Producer: Terada Yusuke
“I volunteered to work in this production because I wanted to express that any and all romances and ways of living are all ‘normal’through animation.

Shimura-Sensei’s calm and non-discriminant way of viewing others, whilst maintaining a warmth in her eyes will definitely benefit the lives of people living in the present era.

I pin this anime as “a story that makes you remember when you were once together with that special someone, but now you are far apart” and I hope that while you are watching the movie, each of you will be able to hold closely your pain and longing connected with those loving memories.”

(C) Shimura Takako / Ota Publishers, “Happy Go Lucky Days” Production Committee