From the movie animation “Happy-Go-Lucky Days” (Released Date: May 8, 2020), the main visual and the main trailer have been released. Also, it has been decided, the 4 members band, CreepHyp, will play the main theme song and the background music, and the comment from the vocalist and the guitarist Ozaki Sekaikan has arrived.

“Happy-Go-Lucky Days” is a manga by Shimura Takako, the professional of the teenage ensemble cast who is known for “Wandering Son” and “Sweet Blue Flowers”, and it is a collections of the omnibus short stories which look over and depict “someone's love” with warmth.
The anime is made of 4 episodes, including “E-chan and Aya-san” which depict the feelings of 2 ladies who met at the wedding of their ex-boyfriend, “Sawa-sensei and Yagazaki-kun”, which depicts the male teacher who is played by the sudden confession of his student, “Shin-chan and Sayoko” and “Mika-chan and Shin-chan”, the stories which depict the distance between the childhood friends who turns teens.

The main visual released this time is the direct cut of the characters from the movie. The visual is done in a delicate quality with each character wondering about something.

Also the main trailer released this time picked up the delicate scenes from each episode with sweetness and small pain with the taglines saying, “All kinds of love and all styles of life are” “Everything is right”.

The main theme song “Monomane” (Mimicking), which CreepHyp wrote for the movie, is neatly gracing warmth to the stories of the characters.

The anime “Happy-Go-Lucky Days” will be released in the movie theaters for a limited time from May 8, 2020.
The 2nd advance ticket with the set of 4 original manga illustration postcards, will be sold from Mar. 20 together with the release of new visual and the main trailer.

(C) Shimura Takako/Ota Shuppan・”Happy-Go-Lucky Days” Production Commitee