“Disney Twisted Wonderland” OH MY CAFE will be held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi, recreating the world of “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland”.

The interior of “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” OH MY CAFE is based on the image of the cafeteria of Night Ravens College, which appears in the game, and will be a photogenic space.

The cafe features food and drink menus inspired by the Night Ravens College cafeteria. The menu features sandwiches with non-fried menchikatsu (ground meat cutlet) sandwiches and creamy risotto with four types of mushrooms, all inspired by the cafeteria’s No. 1 menu item.

Original goods and special offers will also be available, including fashion items and stationery with the original deformed art and illustrations of the Grand Dining Room in the background.

“Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” OH MY CAFE will open in Tokyo and Osaka on Nov. 20th.