The pillows and pillow covers inspired by the dormitory from “Disney Twisted Wonderland”, such as Heartslabyul and Pomefiore, have been announced. Pre-orders are currently available at “Perfect World Tokyo”.

The pillow has a soft and low rebounding that supports the head or waist to sink into it. The front of the cover consists of the design of each students of the dormitory while the back is decorated with the emblem of the dormitory. It is a perfect choice to be used in the interior due to it lively design and coloring.

For the pillow cover, the front has the design of each student of the dormitory, such as Heartslabyul, Scarabia, and Pomefiore. The back is decorated with the emblem of the dormitory. As microfiber was used, it has a soft touch and it fine to wash it using the washing machine. It is an item that you can be used for yourself or as a present.

Each types of “Disney Twisted Wonderland Relaxing Pillow” and “Disney Twisted Wonderland Pillow Cover” can be pre-ordered at “Perfect World Tokyo” now.