The items of “Disney Twisted Wonderland” has been released by the mixture of anime and fashion brand, R4G. The pre-orders have started on “R4G Special Website” from Oct. 15.

The products’ line-up consist of apparel items, including knitted top with an original frame art of each dormitory and chi tie-dye T-shirts, and the general goods such as an acrylic stand, and clear file.

As the size of the knitted tops is oversized, you can wear it as a shirt or as a dress.

The acrylic stand has the design of the dormitory’s logo and it comes with a frame where you can decorate it as it is without assembling it. As the line-up for this consists of all the characters from each dormitory, so this is a chance for you to get your favorite characters.

Pre-orders for “Disney Twisted Wonderland”‘s items have started on “R4G Special Website” since Oct. 15. Depending on the pre-order, a limited original shopper might be given as a bonus. Detailed information can be found on the special website.