The anime movie “Pompo: The Cinéphile”, which won the “Kono Manga ga Sugoi!” and “Manga Award”, and got 800,000 views on “pixiv”, will be released on Mar. 19, 2021. At the same time, special news footage, key visuals, and main casts, including Kohara Konomi, Ootsuka Akio, and others, have been announced.

The animation movie “Pompo: The Cinéphile”, which is based on the manga with the same name released by Shogo Sugitani (also known as Ningen Plamo) and serialized online on “pixiv”, is about how a young man who loves movies and a woman who is loved by movies find “themselves” in the movie production.

Gene, who is a production assistant under the talented film producer Pompo, craving to make his own movie, but every day he comes to believe that he is useless. However, Pompo is entrusted with the production of a 15-second commercial, and he learns the joy of immersing himself in making movies.
One day, Gene finds a script for the new movie “MEISTER” written by Pompo. He is sure that it will become a big hit with the plot that will make the legendary actor’s return work and almost goes crazy with excitement. However, it is Gene, used to shooting commercials, who becomes in charge of directing. With a newbie actress chosen by Pompo to play the main heroine, the shooting with its ups and downs is about to begin…

This time, the key visual is released with the special news video, which shows the cityscape of the movie city, Nyallywood.
Characters, including Natalie, a girl who is chasing her dream, Mystia, a Nyallywood actress, Martin, a veteran actor, and Pompo, who looks on them through the viewfinder, are placed around the main character, Gene.

Also, 5 cast members have been announced.
Shimizu Hiroya as Gene will debut as a voice actor. Ootani Rika, who is active as an actress and a model, will play a newbie actress, Natalie. The role of movie producer Pompo is given to Kohara Konomi, a voice actress who is known for her remarkable performances in recent years, such as “Star Twinkle PreCure”.
Kakuma Ai will play the role of the popular actress Mystia, and Ootsuka Akio will as famous actor Martin.

The movie “Pompo: The Cinéphile” will be on a national roadshow starting Mar. 19, 2021.

Shimizu Hiroya
Since I became an actor, I always wanted to try voice acting, so I was very excited when I get an audition.

For me, since I was a kid, anime has always been an admired world, and I still can’t believe that I’ll be in the anime I’ve been watching on TV for so long.

The movie is about the movie industry, but it doesn’t matter whether you are or you are not in the cinema business because it is about the way of life for young people who are chasing their dreams. I think this movie will surely send some kind of message to people with various problems.
I hope that not only young people but people from any generation will enjoy it.

Ootani Rika
I’m Ootani Rika, who is in charge of voicing Natalie.
At the audition, I was so nervous that I lost my voice, but when I entered the dubbing booth, I saw beautiful pictures and I was charmed by how wonderful this world and work is. I think I was restless from start until end.

When I was informed that I got the part, I was happy but also worried that I might ruin the image of Natalie that lives among fans of the original. But when I read the original story that night again, I was overwhelmed by Natalie’s lines, who is working hard on her dream to become an actress, and also worries about fulfilling her dream.

At the recording sessions, playing Natalie, I was overwhelmed by hearing wonderful lines from amazing casts and seeing beautiful pictures. Now that I think too much about it, I would like to give you right away that energy in the best way.

Kohara Konomi
I’m Kohara Konomi, who plays Pompo.
She looks cute, but she is a grown-up person, and I’ve been attracted to her since the time of the audition, so I’m feeling really honored.

It was a challenge for me to play her as a girl and a woman, and I’ve been doing it carefully because I felt the commitment and feelings of the people involved in each scene.
It is a really wonderful work, from which you can know more about the greatness and difficulty of movie production. Please look forward to it! Thank you.

Kakuma Ai
You will be pulled in by the greatness of world view, attractive characters, and plot.
And when I was reading the script, I think it’s this work… steps on the line. I would like everyone to enjoy it.
Please go to the cinema when the movie is released!

Ootsuka Akio
“Pompo: The Cinéphile”
It’s good! Immediately after receiving the script, I read it all at once. Like in trance.
I think it’s rare to find such a fun role for an artist.
This work tells you, “It’s so much fun to make things”.
I sincerely hope that as many people as possible will watch it.
Please look forward to it!

Original: Suginami Shougo (Ningen Plamo) (Production Good Book)
“Pompo: The Cinéphile” (MFC Gene Pixiv Series / published by KADOKAWA)
Director / Screenplay: Hirao Takayuki
Character design: Adachi Shingo
Director: ImuraKenji
Assistant: Miyake Kanji
Animation directors: Kato Yasuhisa, Tomooka Shinpei, Osugi Naohiro
Art director: Miyamoto Miwa
Color design: Chiba Emi
Cinematographer: Uoyama Masashi
CG Director: Takahashi Masato
Edit: Imai Tsuyoshi
Composer: Matsukuma Kenta
Production Producer: Matsuo Ryoichiro
Production: CLAP
Distribution: Kadokawa ANIMATION
Pompo: The Cinéphile Production Committee

Gene / Fini Gene: Shimizu Hiroya
Pompo / Joelle Davidovich Pomponett: Kohara Konomi
Natalie /Woodward Natalie: Ootani Rinka
Mystia: Kakuma Ai
Martin / Bradog Martin: Otsuka Akio
(C) 2020 Suginami Shougo (Ningen Plamo)/ KADOKAWA / Pompo: The Cinéphile Production Committee