The animated film “Pompo: The Cinephile”, which was scheduled to be released on March 19, 2021, has been postponed to June 4, due to the recent spread of coronavirus.

“Pompo: The Cinephile” is an animation film based on a manga of the same title published by Sugitani Shogo (Ningen Plamo) on the illustration posting site “pixiv”, about a young man who loves movies and a woman who is loved by movies, and how they find themselves through movie production.

Gene, who works as a production assistant for Pompo, a talented film producer, yearns to make his own film, but every day he feels downhearted that he will never be able to. However, when Pompo entrusts him with the production of a 15-second commercial, he discovers the joy of immersing himself in filmmaking.
One day, Pompo gives Gene the script for her next film, “MEISTER”. It’s a come-back film for the legendary actor, and the content is so exciting that she is sure it will be a big hit. But to her surprise, it was Gene, whose commercials had been highly praised, who was chosen as the director. Pompo’s discerning eyes chose a rookie actress as the heroine, and the tumultuous filming was about to begin. ……

The decision to postpone the release of the film was made in light of the impact of the spread of the coronavirus.
However, the staff are working diligently to prepare for the public screening to be held next spring while paying close attention to infection control measures. We await further news.

“Pompo: The Cinephile” will be released on June 4, 2021.

(C) 2020 Sugitani Shogo [Ningen Plamo] / KADOKAWA / Pompo: The Cinephile Production Committee