Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, which has been nominated for an Academy Award for all of its features, has released the trailer and poster visual for “WolfWalkers” (Oct. 30), which features the main theme song by Aurora from “Frozen 2”.

“WolfWalkers” is based on the legend of the Wolf Walker, which has been handed down in the Irish town of Kilkenny since the Middle Ages, where it is said that humans turn into a wolf when they sleep.
One day, Robin, the protagonist with a hunter father, becomes friends with Mebh, a “Wolf Walker” who is a healer and a human and a wolf in one body and heals wounds using her magical powers. Robin’s promise to Mebh unexpectedly puts her father in a difficult position, but she is brave enough to follow the path she believes in.

The trailer for the film, which has just been released, depicts the interaction between humans and wolves in a beautiful world and part of the mysterious story that unfolds.
The film depicts the dazzling friendship of girls, the ugly discrimination of adults, the coexistence of humans and animals, warnings about the destruction of nature, and the love of family, all of which can be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

Aurora, a new generation of Norwegian songstresses, leads the audience to a world far removed from reality with her clear and transparent voice.

The poster for the film was also unveiled, featuring the characters Robin, Mebh, and the wolves in colorful and unique drawings.
We can expect to see a mysterious story and a highly creative and entertaining fantasy that is uniquely Irish.

“WolfWalkers” opens at YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA and other theaters nationwide on Oct. 30.

(C) WolfWalkers 2020