To commemorate the release of “Bem Movie: Become Human” (currently being screened in nationwide theatres), the climatic PV that reveals the main plot has been released.

This work is the movie of the TV anime “BEM”, broadcasted in 2019 and was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Humanoid Monster Bem”.

The climatic PV depicts Manstoll, Bem’s superior at the company “Draco Chemical” standing in front of Bem, who dreamed of “Living and dying just like a human”.
Bem had chosen to fight and abandoned his human appearance to prevent others from using his “Humanoid Monster” ability. The detective Sonia comfort Bem, who had made a difficult decision. Bem, Bela, and Belo battling against Manstoll, who had turned into a huge dragon-like appearance. What’s the objective of Manstoll? What’s the result of the battle? Also, will their wish of “To become a human” be granted…

“Bem Movie: Become Human”, the “Humanoid Monster’s Last Chapter” that is depicted magnificently, is currently being screened in nationwide theatres.

(C)ADK EM/ Bem Movie Production Committee