The Irish animation studio, “Cartoon Saloon”, where all of its featured films were nominated in the Academy Awards and praised by “Post Ghibli”, latest work “WolfWalkers” will be released nationwide in fall 2020.
The cute yet delicate and gorgeous cut-scene, which will attract the viewer to the story's world, has been revealed.

“WolfWalkers” is a work that is based on the folktale “Wolfwalker” from Kilkenny, Ireland and it about a wolf that can be drawn out one's sleep upon slumber.
One day, the main protagonist, the young girl Robyn, whose father is a hunter, befriend with the “wolfwalker” Mebh, who is living with the wolf and possessed healing power. Even though Robyn knew that the promise with Mebh will bring unexpected dilemma to her father but she will still go on the path that she believed.

To Cartoon Saloon, who have been creating various creative 2D animation work with the theme of Ireland's history or folktales, this work will be the finale for “Celtic Trilogy” after “The Secret of Kells” (2009) and “Song of the Sea”(2014)

The director will be Tomm Moore, who handled the nominated works “The Secret of Kells” and “Song of the Sea”, along with Ross Stewart, the art director for “The Secret of Kells”. The voice actor for Robyn is Honor Kneafsey (“Crooked House”), while Sean Bean is the voice for Robyn's father, Bill.

For the music, it will be handled Celtic music band, KiLA (same as the previous two works) together with Norway's new singing princess, Aurora (known from “Frozen 2”). The translucence and clear singing voice will surely guide the audience to the world far away from reality.

“WolfWalkers” will be released in fall 2020 on YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA and other nationwide theatres.

(C)WolfWalkers 2020