The trailer of ‘Wandering; Agateram’, the first part of “Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Camelot, Divine Realm of the Round Table-” which will be released on Dec. 5 in theaters nationwide has been released. In addition, a comment from Miyano Mamoru who plays Bedivere, the main protagonist of the film, has also arrived.

“Fate/Grand Order” is the first title from the “Fate” series, which started with the PC game “Fate/stay night” released by TYPE-MOON in 2004, with the app game for smartphones from the Fate series, gaining more and more fans with its epic worldview and profound storyline.
“Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Camelot, Divine Realm of the Round Table-” features a scenario of the sixth singularity, a popular episode among players, written by Nasu Kinoko, who is in charge of the overall structure of the game. It is the first feature-length animation in the series.

In this trailer, many new cutscenes were added to create a powerful image, including the battle scenes of the Knights of the Round Table .
Miyano Mamoru , who plays the itinerant knight Bediviere, the main character of the work, commented, “It was a long time ago when we finished recording, but the feelings are still in me as if it was just a few days ago, so I was very excited”.

Also, information on the bonus for the fourth round of advance ticket sales, which will go on sale at theaters across the country from Oct. 10, was announced. The prize is a clear portrait with a folder.

“Fate/Grand Order the Movie: Camelot, Divine Realm of the Round Table-” Part 1 ‘Wandering; Agateram’ will be released in theaters across the country on Dec. 5.

Comment by Miyano Mamoru, who plays the role of Bediviere
The trailer has been released and I got to see it too. Powerful direction, amazing visual beauty…
It was a long time ago that I finished the recording, but I was so excited because the thoughts are still in me as if it was just the other day. My inner Bedivere is tingling. I’m screaming.
Thoughts of King Arthur, Bediviere’s sin, and redemption…
I played the role with great care and attention, with great care and thought, and gave it my all.
Please come to the theater and feel the life of the actor and watch him go on into the second part.
Please keep your eye on him as he moves on to the second part.