The summary and cut-scene of the first episode of TV anime “Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN”, The Witch in the Alps” (broadcast on October 7, 2020) have been released.

“Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN” is a media mix work by Shimada Fumikane and Projekt Kagonish. The first season of the TV anime was broadcast in 2008 while the second season was broadcast in 2010. On 2012, the movie was released and this new anime is the third season.
Each country in the world has combined their forces to fight against humanity’s enemy “Neuroi”, that appears suddenly. However, only young girls with special magic are able to defeat them…
Then, it finally times for the allied force to start their operation to take back Berlin, and the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, “Strike Witches” has reassembled. With the new member “Hattori Shizuka”, the story that revolves around the battle against Neuroi has started! Will they be able to open up Berlin’s sky?

The title for episode 1 is “The Witch in the Alps”.
In autumn 1945. Fusou’s witch, Miyafuji Yoshika was seem at Helvetia. She was given permission to have a short-term study at a medical school before the 501st Joint Fighter Wing had reassembled. As time is at the essence, Miyafuji tries her best to study as hard as she can.

On a certain day, her new friend, the young girl Altia approached Miyafuji while she is studying at the library and informing her “Yoshika-chan, you have a guest”. The one standing before Altia is someone Miyafuji is familiar with…

TV anime “Strike Witches ROAD to BERLIN”‘s episode 1, “The Witch in the Alps” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels on October 7, 2020.

(C)2020 Shimada Fumikane, KADOKAWA/501st Joint Fighter Wing