The official YouTube channel of the anime “Oishinbo” (the Gourmet) has started. All 121 episodes will be distributed for free for a limited time. A comment from the original writer Kariya Tetsu can also be seen on the channel.

The original comic “Oishinbo” was serialized in Shogakukan’s “Big Comic Spirits” by the original writer, Kariya Tetsu, and the animator, Hanasaki Akira, and has recorded 135 million copies in total, which led to a gourmet manga boom in Japan.
The main character Yamaoka Shiro, a reporter for the culture department of the Tozai Shimbun newspaper, and his colleague Kurita Yuko, among others, solve various people’s problems through food while aiming to create the “ultimate menu”.

The official YouTube channel of “Oishinbo” will begin streaming all 121 episodes that were aired on the Nippon Television network from Oct. 17th, 1988, as well as special videos that can only be seen here, starting at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 2nd.

<The full text of the commentary is below.
Kariya Tetsu, the author of the original work
Finally, you can watch “Oishinbo” on YouTube.
It’s digitally remastered, so it looks great.
I hope the fans enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy it, too.

(C) Kariya Tetsu and Hanasaki Akira / Shin-Ei Animation