The Official “Gundam” YouTube channel “Gundam Channel” celebrates its 1st anniversary on July 31, 2020, andto celebrate a 24-hour limited streaming of therelease filmmovie version of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-” hashave been decided. Also, a new Sunday streamingdelivery slot will be set up within the same channel.

“Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-” is a filmmovie version of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” series released in 2010.
At the beginning of the 24th century, “Celestial Being”, a private militant organization that suddenly appeared, started an armed intervention with the aim of eradicating warsthe war by Gundam, and the world that has been in constant strife suddenly changed.
After that, it was the human race that chose a society that does not rely on force, but since the biologically unresponsive Jupiter exploration ship that was abandoned 130 years ago in the year 2314 AD approached the earth’s sphere, a battle for the survival of humanity began…

“Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-” will premier from 21:00 on August 1st to 20:59 on August 2nd.
Also, on August 2nd, a new Sunday streaming slotdelivery time for the “Gundam Channel” Sunday will be set. Every week a selective distribution with various concepts will be streameddone from 23:00.

(C) Sotsu/Sunrise