The establishment of an official YouTube channel of Japan's nationwide anime “Atashin'chi”, along with a free distribution of the previously aired works and popular scene compilation for a limited time from May 15, 2020, have been decided. Together with this, a comment from the author of the original work, Kera Eiko, has arrived.

“Atashin'chi” is a family comedy based on the original manga with the same title by Kera Eiko. This work depicts the daily life of the “Tachibana family”, consisting of a sketchy but hard trying mum, a quiet and stubborn dad, a dreaming older sister Mikan, and a cool looking but naive younger brother Yuzuhiko.

The newly established “Atashin'chi” official YouTube Channel has scheduled the distribution of “Atashin'chi”, which aired from 2002 to 2009, and “Shin Atashin'chi”, which broadcasted from 2015 to 2016, along with various free contents such as the compilation of the song “Red Roses of Passion” by the mother, and popular anime scene compilations.

On the “Atashin'chi” official YouTube channel, about 270 episodes are scheduled to be aired from May 15 until Mar. 2021. Every two episodes will be broadcast at 18:00 on weekdays for the first month and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from the second month.

<Below is the comment from the author>
Kera Eiko
I am looking forward to watching some of the unrevealed videos, including Omake (extra) and collaboration videos, and special videos which will be uploaded on the Youtube channel, “Atashin'chi ch”.
I am excited about some treasured videos that make viewers think “Is that really from the official channel!?”. So, please send us more requests in the comment section of the YouTube channel!

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