Sep. 29 is Furukawa Makoto’s birthday.

Makoto Furukawa debuted in the 2010s. He won the Best Supporting Seiyuu Award at the 14th Seiyuu Award. In 2020, he played main characters in various titles, including “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” and “Moriarty the Patriot”. He is also active as a musician, and released his 3rd single “Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten Nari” in July. It is the OP theme of “Woodpecker Detective’s Office” in which he also played.

Here at Anime! Anime! to celebrate Furukawa Makoto’s birthday, like last year, we conducted a reader survey entitled “Who is your favorite character played by Furukawa Makoto?” We received responses from 705 people during the survey period from Sep. 12th to Sep. 19.
The male-female ratio was about 10% for males and about 90% for females. About 35% of the age group was minors, and about 40% were in their 20s.

■Student council president Shirogane Miyuki from “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War” with his terrible singing is on the top!
1st place
1st place goes to Shirogane Miyuki from “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”. The approval rating is about 20% this year, and is ranked up from the 3rd place last year.

Many readers pointed out various aspects of acting, “The smartness, clumsiness, and kindness of President Shirogane are the best, and I fell in love with him. Seriousness and funny are the best!”, “His voice is so charming when he talks with Kaguya. I can feel his happiness and embarrassment”, and “He has so many faces, such as good-looking guy to lazy and even screaming.”

There are a lot of interesting moments in anime, but especially popular among the readers is an episode with singing, “Furukawa-san, who is a good singer, wonderfully played poor singing of president at first, and very mediocre singing after intensive training.”

2nd place
2nd place goes to Saitama from “Onepunchman” with an approval rating of about 12%, which is ranked the same place as last year.

Many readers liked his charm as an unbeatable hero “I like the way he speaks in a way that’s so clumsy that he’s powerless because he’s the strongest,” and “I think he can express this relaxed, level-headed heroic performance only because he’s Furukawa-san. I was surprised how completely different it from his other works.” Some fans liked the character’s serious mode that was shown sometimes, “Although the voice is usually flat and has no passion, you are getting into the natural acting when he becomes serious.”

3rd place
3rd place goes to Sylvain Jose Gautier from “Fire Emblem”. His results greatly improved from 12th place last year.

“Many comments about game performance have been received, “Although he was presented as a big brother-player, his ability to read human nature makes him a three-dimensional character”, “Delicate voice switching and complex emotional expressions with unique words are wonderful lines. The game has multiple routes, so you can enjoy it from all angles.”, and “I think only his dialogs I couldn’t skip among all other characters. A huge amount of underline voice information can be received, and it is amazing.”

■Let’s introduce other comments
About Ogurikara from “Touken Ranbu”, “The gap between the usual low and restrained voice and the raised voice at the time of a special move is the best. I hate getting used to it, but I like the fact that the ending is full of kindness.”
About Aslan Beelzebub the Second from “The Idolmaster: SideM”, “His overwhelming voice volume and singing ability, and a great performance reminiscent of a musical… I think that he is really shy and strict and it is cool”

About Benimaru from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime”, “Reliable big brother and handsome like a samurai general, I think, this character really suits to Furukawa-san.”

About Kagurazaka Soushi from “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION”, 2nd season of which is still on-air, “Furukawa-san’s wonderful singing voice, and the place where the characters grow older together is also a strong point that other works do not have. I have a crush on Soshi-kun who will become even cooler as an adult!”

In the survey’s 2020 version, multiple titles broadcast this year, including “Kaguya-sama,” were ranked in.

■Ranking top-20
“Who is your favorite character played by Furukawa Makoto?”
1st place Shirogane Miyuki from “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”
2nd place Saitama from “Onepunchman”
3rd place Sylvain Jose Gautier from “Fire Emblem”
4th place Wong Shorter “BANANA FISH”
5th place Ogurikara “Touken Ranbu”
6th place Achilles (red rider) “Fate / Apocrypha”
7th place Higurashi Akane from “DIG-ROCK” series
8th place Kagurazaka Soushii from “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION”
9th place Aslan Beelzebub the Second from “The Idolmaster: SideM”
10th place Sohma Yuki “Fruit Basket” (2019)
11th place Yanagi Hanafusa from “DREAM! Ing”
12th place Quartzheart Shiren from “Gaist Crusher”
12th place Benimaru from “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”
14th place Yutaro Kindaichi from “Haikyu!!”
15th place Okazaki Rinto from ” IDOLiSH7: Second Beat!”
16th place Nishina Haruto from “Koi-iro Hajime”
16th place Rikao from “SHOW BY ROCK !!”
18th place Suwa Hiroto from “orange”
19th place Ozora Yujin from “Digimon Universe: App Monsters”
19th place Kuroki Kosuke from “Yumeiro Cast”
19th place Wakayama Bokusui from “Woodpecker Detective’s Office”

(Survey period: Sep. 12, 2020 – Sep. 19 2020)