Christmas cakes decorated in the characters from “Kamen Rider Saber”, “Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”, “Mashin Sentai Kiramager”, and “Sumikko Gurashi”, are now available. Pre-orders will begin at “Premium Bandai” and cake shops around Japan from the end of Sep.

The product “Chara Deco Christmas” is Christmas version for decoration cake series “Chara Deco”. Line-up for this year includes, “Kamen Rider Saber”, “Healin’Good Pretty Cure”, “Mashin Sentai Kiramager”, and “Sumikko Gurashi”.

Decoration cakes are wrapped in the films and picks inspired from each title, and stored in the cake box decorated in the characters.

A special gift comes with the cake will provide an opportunity to take a picture together with the character through a free app called “Surprise Picture”. Picture frames come with 2 choices of a regular frame or a Christmas frame. (Sumikko Gurashi version is not available)

A toy in original design only available in Chara Deco makes a special sound when used together with toys sold separately.

“Chara Deco Christmas Kamen Rider Saber”, “Chara Deco Christmas Healin’Good Pretty Cure”, and “Chara Deco Christmas Mashin Sentai Kiramager” are available at Chara Deco Shop at “Premium Bandai” and supermarkets, convenience stores, and cake shops around Japan in open price. Pre-orders begin from the end of September.
“Chara Deco Christmas Sumikko Gurashi Neko” is priced at 3,700 JPY (tax excluded) and pre-orders begin from the end of Sep. at Aeon related stores.

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