Natsuki Hanae, the MC of the live broadcast program “Ohasuta”, announced his graduation from the program on the Oct. 2nd episode. We have received a comment from him about this. Also, a project titled “Hanae’s Graduation SP” will be held from Sep. 28 to Oct. 2.

Natsuki Hanae made his debut on “Ohasuta” in Apr. 2015 as a regular on Thursday’s episode of “Hanamaru” and from Apr. 2016, he took over from Yamadera Kouichi as “Hana-chan” and has been working as an MC for 6 years.

“Hanae’s Graduation SP”, which will be held from Sep. 28, will bring an air of excitement to Hanae’s graduation with various guests and projects.

The new MC will appear for the first time on Oct. 2, the graduation day of Hanae Natsuki’s “Ohasuta”.

Hanae Natsuki’s comment
Taking over from Yamadera Kouichi, the man I admire so much, and taking charge of the historic program Ohasuta was a constant source of tension.
Even so, I enjoyed the program and made the most of each day’s live broadcast.

I’ve been in charge of the show for 5 years now, and I’ve reached a milestone turning 30 years old this year.
I also want to try new things and put more effort into my main job as a voice actor.
I also feel a strong desire to spend more time with my family.
The people around me have come to understand that I want to spend more time with my family, and so I’ve decided to graduate from being the MC for Ohasuta.

I’m really grateful to Ohatomo and the rest of the audience, but most of all, I’m really grateful to my co-stars and the staff for supporting me as a rookie MC and for making the show so much fun.
Thank you so much!                
Hanae Natsuki