“Violet Evergarden: the Movie” was released on Sep. 18. It started off with a smash hit of over 390,000 audiences and a box-office revenue of 559 million JPY in the first 5 days.

It ranked 2nd place with only 153 theaters screening the film, while the blockbuster foreign film took the top spot with over 400 theaters. The box-office revenue of the 3 days of the first weekend was 176.4% in comparison to last year’s “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll”, which received 831 million JPY in total.

The film has been rated high by the viewers on various movie websites, including 4.62 stars at Yahoo! Movie Reviews, 4.5 stars at Filmarks, and 4.9 stars at Eiga Land (as of Sep. 23). It received many emotional and positive comments on social media such as, “I burst into tears in the first 5 minutes”, “You’ll need a bath towel and a spare mask”, and “It was amazing”. The word is spreading out from the repeaters that it is the most tear-jerking film in theaters now.

“Violet Evergarden: the Movie” is now screened at nationwide theaters.

(C)Akatsuki Kana, Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee