Kitou Akari, a voice actress and a singer, held her 1st LIVE TOUR “Colorful Closet” Day 1 in Tokyo on Sept. 22, 2020.

The live event was held at Nakano ZERO Hallat Nakano ZERO Hall was held under careful consideration due to the spread of novel coronavirus. The audiences were seatingseats were with a distancedistanced from each other, the audiences were asked to keep their social distances, entrance of the audience was broken into smaller groupsmaller number of audience was allowed to enter, and call and response was prohibited, while a facial mask and face guard were required.

An opening movie, inspired byimaging a closet as it is said in the tour title, was shown right after the lights were turned off. As the excitement among the fans rose, Kitou Akari jumped out of the closet door with the intro of her debut song “Swinging Heart” and a hugelarge round of applause was sent to her. It seems both the singer and the fans are happy that the live concert was held successfullyfeeling this wonderful opportunity to hold a live concert.

ONiGASH!MA (her back band) and dancers also showed the feeling of joy while asking the audiences to clap their hands on her next song, “Always Going My Way”.

After finishing 2 songs, Kitou commented, “Stage was decorated in this such a cute style, since the title of the tour is ‘Colorful Closet'” with a satisfyfulfilled expression. She mentioned her staff for working hard to make the concert happenreal under the threat of the novel coronavirussituation where the spread of coronavirus is considered, and continued, “I am in pleasure of meeting you all in this situation. Thanks you so much”, while also thanking thetelling thank also to staff and fans.

Kitou continued the event with songs mainly recorded in her first album “STYLE”, including “INNOCENT”, and “23-ji no Shunrai Shoujo”. Her outfits were changed between the songs, and vivid color changes were seen between her clothes in blue, black, white, and other colors.
After introducing her band members and dancers, sShe sung the character song of Himesaka Noa called “Atashi? Kawaii? Sengen!!!”, from the character she played in “Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me”, and performed the cover of “Caste Room”, the theme song of “Classroom of the Elite”, which she played the character Horikita Suzune, that is originally sung by ZAQ, after introducing her band members and dancers and raised voltage among the fans.

On the last part of the concert, she performed “Dive to World”, the song contained in her 3rd single awaiting the release on Oct., and summarized it with “Tiny Light”, which she commented previously that this song is “best fit for finale”.

On the talk session duringafter the encore, she commented, “I am very happy to see you all, although we are still under a difficult circumstance”, while talking her feelings for the live in Tokyo, and goals in the next live held in Osaka and Nagoya.

The music video for her 3rd single “Kimi no Tonari de” (By Next to You), scheduling its release on Oct. 28, was revealed for the first time at this live. This music video featuring ashowed person other than Kitou for the first time in order to create the atmosphere of TV anime “Adachi to Shimamura”, which her song is used as the ending theme song.

She explained the video by saying, “Please watch carefully, since many parts are related to the original manga of ‘Adachi to Shimamura'”. The short version of music video for “Kimi no Tonari de” is already uploaded on YouTube.

She passionately sung “Fly-High-Five!” and ended this concert. It seem that hHer message of “A happy memory will push your back during hard times” hasmay delivered to the hearts of the fans.
A 2-hour long 1st LIVE TOUR “Colorful Closet” in Tokyo is now over.