The 15th “Seiyu Awards”, which is a ceremony to award active voice actors of that year, has been announced. This year, the award ceremony was cancelled but the winners were announcement on a special program on Bunka Housou’s Internet Radio “Chou! A&G+”.

“Seiyu Awards” is an award ceremony that was held in Mar. every year since 2007 and it is the largest event in the voice actor industry as well as among the voice actor’s fans.
The voting for the “MVS (Most Valuable Seiyu)” category, the only category where fans vote for the ‘most active voice actor’ annually, has started on the official website and affiliated websites since Sep. 15.

On Sep. 15 as well, the registration for “New Talent Audition”, which has been held since 2007, to discover new talented voice actors has started. The final examination for this is scheduled to be held online as well.

Further announcements will be made on the official website and Twitter.