“The 14th Seiyu Awards <New Talent Audition>” has announced the results for the final web examination.
Together with the 24 successful candidates, the winner for the collaboration award with the star voice actor training app “On Air!”, called “coly Award” has been decided, and the comments from Kobayashi Kana, who gained the most vote among the successful applicants, and Kinoshita Kei, the award winner for “coly Award”, arrived.

“Seiyu Awards <New Talent Audition>” is a voice actor audition to find new voice actor and actress with a new talent, and it has been held since “the 1st Seiyu Award” on 2007.
The audition is considered to be the representative audition in the voice actor industry for its scale and tradition that many voice actor offices participate.

The final audition for the 14th year was held online, due to increasing risk of new Coronavirus in Japan and considering the health situations of the participants and related people.
The 35 applicants had uploaded their “self promotion” and “text reading” in advance, and the 31 participating voice actor offices examined them from Mar. 10 to 12, and a total of 24 applicants passed the final examination.

Also at the same time, the award winner for the collaboration award with the star voice actor app “On Air!”, called “coly Award” has been decided.
The award winner for “coly Award” has an opportunities to play the new character appearing in the original story in “On Air!”. This original story will be released in the app in 2020.

Further information for “Seiyu Award” will be announced through its official website and official Twitter account.

<Full Comments are Listed Below>
【Kobayashi Kana, who received the most appointment from the voice actor offices】
I am honored to be accepted this time!
In the future, I want to become a voice actress who can play the characters of various age, personality, and sexuality!
Also, I want to become active as the voice actress who can also sing and dance!

【Kinoshita Kei, the coly Award winner】
I was surprised at first, but I was very happy.
I am little nervous now.
I will do my best to follow my senior voice actors.

“On Air!”
(C) coly