“Soredake ga Neck”, an original anime, which features communication of the present generation, will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from Oct. 12. The teaser visual, staff, and character information have also been revealed.
The director for the TV anime “Soredake ga Neck” is Iguchi Noboru (known for the live action “The Flowers of Evil”, and the movie “The Machine Girl”). Kuniyoshi Saki (the leader of a theatrical company Kuniyoshi-gumi, and known for “Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Season 7”) is responsible for the series composition and script writing, and TIA Co., Ltd. is in charge of the animation production.
Set in an ordinary convenience store, the film raises questions about the nature of modern communication through the appearance of convenience store employees who don’t speak properly, while also showing that the protagonist, Muto (?), who has many mysteries to solve., the mysterious protagonist.

The teaser visual features a mysterious man and cat in a world having a dreadful atmosphere like the end of the world. Even though the face of a man holding a rice ball is hidden with “?”, the man seems to be the protagonist Muto(?).

Furthermore, the character information has also been revealed. It introduces a staff at Hot Hot Mart, Adam, and Nekomaru, who is a homeless cat. Adam has social anxiety and is always wearing a mask. He is an international student and working part-time, and Nekomaru, is a homeless cat living around the convenience store. The information about the cast will be updated soon.

TV anime “Soredake ga Neck” will be broadcast at TV Tokyo from 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 12, 2020.

(C)”Soredake ga Neck” Production Committee