The latest PV of Kubo Tite’s, the author of “Bleach”, original anime “BURN THE WITCH” (will be released for two weeks from Oct. 2, 2020) has been released. The Blu-ray information as well as theme song information have been announced.

“BURN THE WITCH” is a fantasy action work that takes place in London and depicts the activities of the two witches, who do things as they like, facing the abnormal existences, Dragon as their opponent.

It has been decided that the Blue-ray “Collector Edition ‘First Press Edition'” with luxurious contents such as the BOX, illustration card collection drawn by Kubo Tite, and other, “Special Packaging Version”, and “Regular Edition” will be sold at the screening theatre, “A-on STORE”, and “A-on STORE Branch inside Premium Bandai”.
The theatres will have an advance sale, which starts on the same day as the release date, while the sale at “A-on STORE” and “A-on STORE Branch inside Premium Bandai” will start on Dec. 24.

It was revealed that the theme song is “Blowing” by NiL, the musician unit that was formed for the purpose to bring sound to this work’s setting.
As the theme song could be heard in the PV, it will surely hype up the expectation toward the screening.

“BURN THE WITCH” will be released on Shinjuku’s Picca and other 35 nationwide theatres from Oct. 2 for two weeks and the worldwide streaming will be available on “Amazon Prime Video” and other streaming websites.
The price for Blu-ray “Collector Edition ‘First Press Edition'” is 10,000 JPY (tax included) while the price for “Special Packaging Version” and “Regular Edition” is 6,800 JPY (tax excluded) and 5,000 JPY (tax excluded) respectively.

(C)Kubo Taito/Shueisha, “BURN THE WITCH” Production Committee