The unrevealed cutscene from the “U.F.O. Eating Time Leap” featuring the actor, who had experienced various time leap, Miyano Mamoru as the main protagonist, and his comment have arrived. The video has been revealed on Jul. 14.

“U.F.O. Eating Time Leap” is a real “performance”, long take drama taken with a single camera and it focuses on the new boom and popular “performance” such as online streaming of past work, read-a-loud or talks live streaming that occur due the voluntary restraint of the stage performance in this current situation. After the streaming date for this work was decided, it had become a hot topic on the social network.

Due to the unexpected huge feedback received, the unrevealed cutscene was released in a spur.
The cutscene depicts a part of the story where Miyano Mamoru walking out of the convenience store while holding the “Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.” on a try, and it seems like he is arguing with a mysterious character in a bewildered manner. Toward the release of this video, the comment from Miyano Mamoru has also arrived.

“U.F.O. Eating Time Leap” is released on Jul. 14, 2020 on 12 noon at YouTube Live

Miyano Mamoru's comment
The release date is finally tomorrow! It might sound weird coming from me, but this drama is quite hilarious (haha). As expected of “Europe Kikaku”-san! Moreover, to be honest, doesn't Miyano's personality has good compatibility with “Europe Kikaku”-san's world setting? When I was watching the completed video, I was drawn into it, and it also makes me laugh a lot (haha).
Everyone, please do look forward to the release tomorrow on the sad guy who wanted to eat “Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.” but unable to! Do watch it while having “Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.” (haha).