The first digital photobook of the voice actress, Yamashita Nanami, known her achievement at the unit “Wake Up, Girls!”, is called “GLITTER” and it was chosen by Yamashita herself. There will be two types of covers and the advanced cutscene is revealed exclusively at Anime!Anime!.

“GLITTER” is a digital photobook that is filled with her “current” glitter as Yamashita welcomed her birthday on Jul. 19.
The photo was taken at Yamate and Chinatown in Yokohama and it is filled with various charming contents including her natural looks and the 80's retro looks.

As part of Yamashita's wish, the different cover pages of the normal edition and special edition are created in the collaboration with the illustrator DenQ.
This is a book filled with “Yamashita's desire” from the clothing to the makeups.

As a bonus for purchasing the special edition, 30 minutes long behind-the-scene footage will be included, and the narration is done by Tanaka Minami, who had worked together with Yamashita for a long time via “Wake Up, Girls!”. Do check out the Tanaka's comment, who has a strong relationship with Yamashita.

“GLITTER” regular edition is priced at 2,000 JPY (tax excluded) and the special edition with the behind-the-scene footage is priced at 3,000 JPY (tax excluded). It will be available exclusively at BookLive! from Jul. 17, 2020.