Voice actor Nishiyama Koutarou will make a solo appearance on the “Monthly TV Guide” Nov. 2020 Issue that will be released on Sep. 24. Nishiyama's comments have been revealed along with the Animate/ Animate Online's purchase bonus.

The gravure photos of the voice actor Nishiyama Koutarou, who will make his debuts as a singer with the mini album “CITY” on Oct. 7, are published in “Monthly TV Guide” Nov. 2020 Issue.

Photos of Nishiyama in a tuxedo were taken in a luxurious atmosphere with a limonuise chartered to celebrate his singer debut. The photographer in charge is Tim Gallo, who had taken various photos of Nishiyama up until now. This was a photo session where Nishiyama shows his various characters, such as the sincere side, the bright side, and the friendly side that can only be seen thanks to the respect they have for each other. The comments from Nishiyama and Tim Gallo after the photo session have been revealed.

Moreover, a photo will be given if “Monthy TV Guide” Nov. 2020 Issue was purchased at Animate or Animate Online and it varies based on the six regions. All the photos of the six regions are revealed as well.

“Monthy TV Guide” Nov. 2020 Issue will be released on Sep. 24. The price is 410 JPY (tax included) and Ninomiya Kazunariwill make the cover of the magazine.

<Below are the full comments>
Nishiyama's comments
This was my first time riding on a limonuise. It was quite interesting that I was able to experience these unrealistic things in a luxurious space.
Moreover, Iwas delighted that Tim Gallo was the one taking my photos. Actually, he is the photographer who took my first photo for a magazine cover. He really made me look good in those photos, too.

To think I am able to have this photography session with him again during my debut… It's like fate.We had a good vibe during the photo session, so I hope that everyone will enjoy it.

Tim Gallo's comments
It's been a while since I last met Nishiyama-san, so I am quite happy. Among all the voice actors that I had taken photos of, his style and expression from that naturally comes from within has left quite an impact on me.
This time, I put in much effort to capture his brightness, honest side as well as his gentlemanly side. I'd love to have another fantastic photo session again!