The TV Anime “Shadow Verse” has been announced to start broadcasting in Apr. 2020 and the first promotional video has been revealed.We've also received comments from the show's casts, Kajiwara Gakuto, Enkoi Junnya, Hondo Kaede, Ogura Yui, Taya Hayato, Tanezaki Atsumi, and Iguchi Yuichi.

“Shadowverse” is based on the smartphone TCG game developed by Cygames and released on Jun. 2016.
Opposed to the dark themed worldview in the game, the anime follows an original story of the protagonist Ryugasaki Hiro, a student of the Tensei Academy.

The first publicly revealed promotional video features original characters , andthe anime battling using familiarcards. Therefore, fans of the will enjoy the plot of the anime.
The voice casts have also been announced. For the main cast; Kajiwara Gakuto will voice Ryugasaki Hiiro (protagonist), Enoki Junya will voice Yonazuki Lucia (rival) and Hondo Kaede will voice Amamiya Mimori (heroine). For the secondary cast; Ogura Yui will voice Kurobane Alice, Taya Hayato will voice Shindo Kazuki, Tanezaki Atsumi will voice Ijuin Kai, and Iguchi Yūichi will voice Maura Everard.

The TV anime “Shadow Verse” will start broadcasting from Apr. 2020.

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